Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the Experts Say...

Prosecutor in Lee Malvo shooting trial, dealt with crime constantly: "What about the millions and millions of young American males who play video games and don't go out and kill random people on the street?"

Surgeon General (2001): "[Studies] suggest that media violence has a relatively small impact on violence... the impact of video games on violent behavior remains to be determined."

Jonathan L. Freedman, Psychologist at University of Toronto: "In some studies, if the people in the violent game condition have more thoughts of aggression than those playing the non-violent game, this is considered an indication that violent games cause aggression. This interpretation is not justified. After eating a huge meal, you probably are thinking about food -- but you are less rather than more likely to want to eat."

Senate committee investigating crime comics: "A competent job of self-policing within the industry will achieve much."

Jeff Kass, author of Columbine: A True Crime Story, extensively researched the Columbine killers: "...Eric and Dylan were not the only ones exposed to the joysticks... The video games did not cause their anger. That came from elsewhere."